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Dr. Valentine opened the doors to our family practice in 1996 and has been responsible for providing quality dentistry ever since. We moved into our new building with all new state of the art equipment in November of 2005. 

Our office uses modern digital radiography techniques. This new system of taking x-rays reduces radiation by as much as 80 percent. High-scatter or stray radiation is nearly non-existent with these modern machines so the use of lead shields merely offer more peace of mind than actual protection. The amount of radiation from dental x-rays is very small in comparison to our daily exposure from things such as natural background radiation. Dr. Valentine recommends the minimal amount of radiographs necessary in order to adequately examine your oral condition. Typically, unless there is reason for concern, our patients receive four bite-wings every year and a complete full-mouth series every five years. Some patients may require more or less depending on their risk factors.

This short video describes the digital technology that we use.

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We are part of Pierce County's EnviroStars program. "EnviroStars dentists are reducing mercury and lead by installing amalgam wastewater treatment units to capture mercury for reclamation and by switching to digital radiography instead of traditional x-rays." Our office also uses modern sterilization techniques as well. This program sets annual goals to focus on future waste reduction and environmental activities. Our office has held a 5 star certification rating since 2006. "5 Star businesses act as leaders of greener practices within their industry and community and also work to reduce solid waste, energy use, water runoff, and air emissions." Click on the star to visit their website for more information.

We encourage you to come by for a quick look at our facility.